This section is for the more advanced Beanie Baby® Collector. Our goal for this section is to give detailed explanations and actual pictures of our Beanie® friends that have one or more variations.

Flash™ the Dolphin

flashtags.gif - 31.8 K Flash™ the Dolphin was released for a short time with the name on the swing tag reading Fiash instead of Flash™. This is a very rare tag variation.
Also Flash has been found missing his dorsal fin. In this picture is Fiash, Flash™, and the missing dorsal fin Flash™!! These are all accurate and non altered Dolphins!!!!

Claude™ and Tuffy™

On May 11, 1997 Claude™ the Crab was released with a different tag. The name on his tag read CLAUDE™ in all capital letters.
This  was corrected soon after his release.
Also Tuffy™ was released with the same capital letters(TUFFY)™, which again was soon changed.

This tag was also found in Nanook™ and Baldy™.


The 2 very rare Violet new face Teddys!!!!

They were gifts to the top Ty® Reps and the employees at Ty, Inc®. The arrived with NO TY® TAG!!!!!!!! You can tell by looking at their left ears. They have never had the plastic tag fasteners inserted in the fabric!!!!! They arrived wearing a red or a green satin ribbon. Their sewn in tags are the red 2nd generation with the large red Ty™ heart and no name!
It also reads Hand made in China, c1993 TY INC®., For ages 3 and up ! These are very rare and very few were made. These are very expensive. If you are planning on purchasing them BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Check the left ears and make sure they have never had a tag fastener hole in the fabric!!! Mine are not for sale!!!! This is one of the most commonly counterfeited Beanie Baby®.

Damaged Beanies®

This Peace™ is very interesting because he came from China with an interesting little label on him!!!!
Well I received him from a very dear Beanie® friend named Sue. I took the little circular label to my favorite Chinese Carry out and showed the label to them and asked them what does this say? They said it says "NO GOOD" in Chinese.
Well Peace™ does have a serious problem with his arm pit. They were suppose to resew him and he slipped out of the factory without the repair finshed. I just love him anyway and thought you would all enjoy viewing this special Peace™ with an unsewn arm pit and the little Chinese label that reads "NO GOOD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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