This section is for the more advanced Beanie Baby® Collector. Our goal for this section is to give detailed explanations and actual pictures of our Beanie® friends that have one or more variations.

Pinchers™ the Lobster

Pinchers™ was one of the original nine Beanies®. Punchers has been seen only with the first generation Ty® tag. 
Punchers has been seen with all types of slight variations. This lobster spelled with a u is very rare and very expensive.

Quackers™ the Duck

Quackers™ the Duck is another Beanie Baby® that has gone through a sort of metamorphosis. When Quackers™ was introduced in 1995, he was a wingless duck. In 1995, he was redesigned to include a wing on each side of his body.

Sly™ the Fox

Sly™ the Fox was released in mid 1996. He was originally released with an all brown body with white fabric in his ears and on his lower muzzle area.
Before long a new Sly™ was popping up with a white belly. Why? We feel this was because TY® realized that a real fox has a white, not a brown, belly.

Spooky™ the Ghost

This little white ghost was introduced in September 1995. Early in production there was an error made to result in Spooky™ Being Spook. His "tush tag" Is located under his left arm unlike Spooky™ where the tag is on his tail.
There is also a variation of Spooky™ in the way that his mouth was sewn on, some have the black
thread with a slight smile, a U smile, and V Smile, and on some, the black thread is just plain missing.

Spot™ the Dog

Spot™ the dog was first introduced without a black spot on his back. Rumor has it that Spot™ gained his spot when the TY company introduced Daisy™ the Black Cow, with a white spot on her side.

Stripes™ the Tiger

Stripes™ the Tiger was released in 1995. When first introduced, he was much darker in color, with more closely placed stripes. Next, came a Stripes™ of the same color, but with a fabric that was more fuzzy on the belly.  This is a rare variation. Finally, in mid 1996, Stripes™ was spotted (or shall we say striped) with his last body style, the color was a much lighter tarnished yellow and he now has approximately 50% less stripes.

Tank™ the Armadillo

The first Tank™ was introduced in 1995. This Tank™ had more beans and 7 bony plates (or rows as the collectors refer to them). In Mid 1996, the TY® company released Tank™ stuffed with less beans and 2 more bony plates. Then in late 1996, the TY Company® changed this burrowing mammal again, this time with a slightly smaller body, 9 bony plates, and a cute protective shell.

The Teddy's

The Colored Bears were introduced shortly after the first 9 Beanies. When introduced they were available in 6 colors: violet, teal, jade, cranberry, magenta, and brown. All 6 colored bears were introduced with the old style face. This face has a very European style teddy bear look to it and is not at all like the new face teddy bear look.
None of the colored old face bears came with a ribbon around it's neck as did their later replacements. Do not expect the correct style numbers to appear on these bears.  The style numbers do not match the color of the bear.  The eyes of the early old face bears were placed to the side of their face unlike their new faced replacements, whose eyes are much closer together. The nose was also much smaller than the new faced bears.
All the later new face bears were retired in 1995, except the new face brown teddy who was retired in October. 1997. 

Tusk™ the Walrus

Prior to his retirement, Tusk™ had several interesting changes. We do not consider these changes to be too significant. Some of the earliest Tusk™ Beanie Babies® can be found with his little tusks pointing up, similar to an elephant.
In September of 1996, many of the Tusk™ Beanie Babies® were sent to the stores with the name changed to Tuck. This error was quickly corrected.  The Tuck tag variation is quite rare.

Ziggy™ the Zebra

You may have noticed a changes in Ziggy™. He has two types of stripes, and his head is slightly smaller. The new stripes are wider than the previous, spaced wider apart, and no longer "Y"or split off at the ends.

The newest Ziggy™ also has a larger head.

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