This section is for the more advanced Beanie Baby® Collector. Our goal for this section is to give detailed explanations and actual pictures of our Beanie® friends that have one or more variations.

Libearty™ the Bear

Libearty™, did not have a style change during his brief existence, but he did have an interesting variation.
When he was first introduced in 1996 the red ink tush tag had the word Beanie® misspelled as Beanine. The TY® Company corrected this mistake about half way through the production run.

Lizzy™ the Lizard

Lizzy™ the Lizard was introduced in mid 1995. Judging by how hard this ty dyed critter is to find and her short life span, she must not have been a very strong seller.
The bright blue Lizzy™ arrived in 1996.

Lucky™ the Ladybug

Lucky™ the Ladybug was first introduced in late 1994 with only 7 felt black spots which were glued on her red back.
In the summer of 1996 Lucky™ acquired approximately 11 spots on her back that were part of the fabric. (The spots are 9mm across)
For reasons only known by TY®, Lucky's™ fabric changed again in late 1996 when approximately 21 smaller spots showed up on her back. (6mm across)

Magic™ the Dragon

Magic™ the Dragon has provoked some controversy about the pink thread in her beautiful iridescent wings. The wings of the original Magic™, released in mid 1995, had wings sewn with pale pink thread. In 1996, the thread was changed to a hot pink color.  The thread then changed back to a lighter pink again.


Mystic™ the Unicorn

Mystic™ was released in mid 1994 with a mane and tail of fine yarn. In 1996 the fine yarn was replaced with a more coarse yarn.
In 1996 there was wild speculation and rumors of an iridescent horn on Mystic™. It is our personal opinion that an iridescent Mystic™ was never produced until October 97. For more info on Mystic™ and the latest version, see Beanie® Happenings.

Nip™ & Zip™ the Cats

The cat on the left was the first version, the cat on the right is the rare "all gold Nip™", the cat in the center is the most common of the three Nips™.

Patti™ the Platypus

Patti™ the Platypus was first introduced with more of a red color. It was closer in color to Teddy™ the Cranberry Bear and Teddy™ the Magenta Bear. Patti™ now has a more purple hue.
When looking for the first Patti™, the surest way to tell them apart (outside of side to side) is to compare Patti to the tail of Inch™ the inchworm. If it matches, it is the newer Patti™, not the original. The other color variations are not Ty® recognized variations.

Peanut™ the Elephant

Peanut™ the Elephant was first presented in June 1995 as a royal blue color. This adorable little pachyderm was only in production for about a month and then immediately replaced with the lighter blue version.

Rainbow™ and Iggy
Iggy variations Pictured are the Iggy™ Variations: They have both Iggy™ swing tags and Iggy™ sewn in tags.

Pictured are the two versions of Rainbow™. Both of these versions have Rainbow™ swing tags and Rainbow™ sewn in tags. versions of Rainbow

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