This section is for the more advanced Beanie Baby® Collector. Our goal for this section is to give detailed explanations and actual pictures of our Beanie® friends that have one or more variations.

Bongo™ the Monkey

Nana™ the original "Bongo"™ has a third generation Ty® tag with a tan tail. Nana™ is very rare and very expensive.
The rarest Bongo™ at this time has a tan tail with the third generation Ty® tag (prior to the poem tag) with the black and white sewn in tag or tush tag.

Cubbie™ the Brown bear

Cubbie™ the Bear was first known as Brownie™ the bear. Brownie™ was made with only the first generation swing tag saying the name Brownie™.
In both May & September 1997 the Chicago Cubs held a Beanie Baby® day, where children received a free Cubbie™ the Bear, and a commemorative card.

Digger™ the Crab

Digger™ the Crab was originally introduced and appeared in the TY® Catalog as an Orange Crab, with the first generation TY® tag.
The red Digger™ replaced the orange Digger™ in late 1995.


Derby™ the Horse

Derby™ the Horse was first introduced to us in mid 1995 with a third generation TY® tag also with a mane and tail of fine yarn (right in the picture).
Derby™ then developed the coarse version and just before his retirement got the fuzzy mane and tail.  

1998 and 1999 Bring New Derby™'s

A Mane Event!!

1998 New Derby Derby™ first appeared in June of 95. The first and rare version, the fine mane Derby™ was changed quickly to the coarse mane. Both of these did not have the white star on the forehead. The third variation of Derby™ was introduced in January of 1998! He developed a white diamond shape star on his forehead. In January of 1999, the newest version, the fuzzy mane Derby™ was released. To everyone's surprise Derby™ officially retired on 5/26/99. Fine mane Derby™, remains one of the rarest Beanies® and truly a treasure to have.
Coarse mane Derby™'s, without and with the star

Strut™ the Rooster

At first Doodle the rooster was introduced, within months of his release, he was renamed, Strut™.  His body style is exactly the same, just his name changed.  In June of 1998, Strut™ had undergone a slight color change.  He lost a lot of the yellow in his Ty®-dyed fabric and picked up more pink with shades of purple.  The fabric resembled Rex's™ fabric.

Doodle and Strut™

Happy™ the Hippo

Happy™ the Hippo was born with a light gray fabric in 1994. Sometime in 1995 Happy™ was redesigned in lavender fabric. Other than the color change, there is no difference between the two.

Inch™ the Worm

Inch™ the Worm was first introduced in mid 1995 with felt antennae on top of his head. In mid 1996 his felt antennae were replaced with black yarn tied off at the end.

Inky™ the Octopus

Inky™ the Octopus was introduced to us with a soft tan oval body.

There were also many of these made missing the black thread mouth. We personally feel this is  minor and not a separate design. The no mouth version has a first generation tag.    In mid 1995, the tan fabric was replaced with pink fabric.  The pink Inky™ variation always has a mouth.  It can be found with an extra leg or missing a leg.  These variations are quite rare.

Smoochy™ the frog

Smoochy with and without mouth In June of 98, Smoochy™ began appearing with a felt mouth instead of the red mouth made out of red embroidery thread that it had when it was originally introduced. Smoochy™ on the left is the felt mouth version.

{short description of image}

Mystic™ the Unicorn!

Mystic™ the unicorn with an iridescent horn was just a rumor for the longest time. In the late spring of 96, an old time long established Ty® rep made the ultimate mistake. He told some folks, by mistake, that the Beanie® he was holding had an iridescent horn. He was probably looking at Magic™ and called it a Mystic™. This set the "Beanie® Collectors" into the unicorn hunt of the century. It also created many plastic surgery type changes to poor brown horned Mystic™ and in the process many a Magic™ lost a wing.

Then to everyone's surprise Sparkle™, the plush unicorn was released in 1997. This guy did have an iridescent horn but he was a plush product and not a Beanie®. We all sat back and thought, "Is Ty® messing with us?"

In October of 1997, all our wishes came true. Mystic™, the Beanie® unicorn appeared with an iridescent horn.

Mystic™ like Derby™ also had some interesting twists to his mane. The fine mane Mystic™ was about for a short time to be replaced with the coarse mane. Both of these Beanies® had a brown horn. Then the iridescent horn was placed on the coarse mane Mystic™. It didn't stop there.....Mystic™ then got the fuzzy mane and tail, not the same color but the fabulous rainbow pastel colored mane and tail of the most recently released Mystic™.


mystic the unicorn variations mystic the unicorn variations
fine mane Mystic™ on the left and coarse mane on the right left fine mane, center fuzzy mane, and right coarse mane
The fine mane Mystic™ is only available with a brown horn. The coarse mane Mystic™ comes both with a brown horn and an iridescent horn. The fuzzy mane Mystic™ is only available with an iridescent horn. Notice the soft pastel colors of the fuzzy mane Mystic™.
Mystic™ was first introduced in June of 1994. Mystic™ retired on 5/18/99. The coarse mane Mystic™ is available in all tag types. The fine mane Mystic™ is available with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tag types. The iridescent horned Mystic™ is only available with the 4th and 5th swing tag types. The fuzzy mane Mystic™ is only found with the 5th tag type.
mystic variations



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