Welcome to the world of Ty Plush! This list was compiled from catalogues we have acquired and information from Ty reps that have been with the company since almost it's beginning. Our list has been copied many times by many people often with the original typos. We now have the capability to provide it to you personally without faxing and mailing etc. Enjoy! One interesting note. Ty changed the name of the plush line in January of 2000. They are now called The Ty Classics.

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You must remember the plush are not Beanies and to purchase them through a retailer they range in price form $10.00 to$200.00. Rare retired pieces often demand prices as high as $2000.00. The most fun about the plush is that they are still out there. Hit those little towns and small florists, There's a treasure still to be found.

Mischief & Bandit Gray

A small warning. If you are not currently collecting the Ty Plush beware, once you hold and love your first bear, penguin, dog, monkey, etc. you will most certainly be hooked! They are soft, warm, and simply beautiful. They are small to huge. They can demand a large amount of room but they will find that room with a warmth and an element of fun that is not reproducible.


We have taken exhaustive measures to make this list as complete and accurate as possible. The style numbers and names are used over and over again. It can be confusing. We have taken extra measures to try and make this list understandable. This list is accurate. We must either have seen the piece or have had it's existence verified in catalogues and mid year fliers.

There may be missing styles. As we become aware of them we will include them.

Zulu the Zebra, style number 7421.
There is also a Zulu that is a pillow pal. The pillow pal Zulu is pale pink with green stripes.



Old McGee

McGee Style# 5001

This is the rare version

Ty Plush Swing tags:

The 1st generation tag types can be found with the small plastic heart on the piece.

1st generation plush tag plain

1st generation plush tag bean bag

The first generation tag appears in four forms.
The plastic heart is pictured above. 1st Generation plain plush Tag 1st Generation plush tag, bean bag The bean bag variety appears to be the rarest tag type.

1st generation plush tag

1st gen plush tag

These are other variations of the 1st generation tag also known as the "to you with love" tag.
1st Generation plain plush tag 1st Generation plush tag, bean bag

The 2nd generation tag looks like a beanie's 2nd generation tag.

2nd generation plush tag

3rd generation plush tag

The 3rd generation tag looks like a beanie's 3rd generation tag and comes in two sizes.
This tag comes in one size only 2nd Generation plush tag 3rd Generation plush tag The size tag depends on the animal's size.

A Ty Plush price guide is in the makings and we are working diligently on it. As soon as it is available we will let you know.

Baby Bijan and Baby Jasmine

Thanks to the Bernath's in Quebec for their pictures.

Baby Jasmine

Baby Jasmine's tag

Baby Jasmine's tag

Baby Jasmine and her Mom Baby Jasmine's Tag Baby Jasmine's tag

Avery special thanks to world known Ty plush, Attic Treasures and Beanie Baby expert, Maureen Barry (Morneen1@aol.com) for letting us BORROW Baby Jasmine and Baby Bijan so that we could photograph the cats for all to see.

Baby Jasmine and Baby Bijan

Pictured are the rare cats, Baby Bijan and Baby Jasmine lying on their backs. Notice the plastic Ty tags attached at the neck. These cats are smaller and flatter than their look alike buddies, Peaches and Smokey. When they are lying on their bellies their faces are flat to the ground and can not be seen.
The sewn in tag on these cats are different from the later tags. They are silky and do not have the brown border and do not have the beige background.

sewn in tag front view

back view of sewn in tag

This is the back of the silky sewn in tag that is found on Baby Bijan and Baby Jasmine. It is white and not beige. It is printed not embroidered.
On the left is Baby Bijan and on the right is Baby Jasmine. Their natural posture is to be belly down. In that position you can not see their faces. They have been supported by their front legs and suspended so that their faces could be photographed.

close up of cat's faces

Again thanks to Maureen for letting us borrow her cats to photograph them for you. If only we did not have to send them back but they are homesick for Maureen. Feel free to e-mail Maureen for additional Beanie, plush and Attic Treasures questions. Don't ask her to send you her cats, I don't think she'll let them take another cross country trip!

As we stated before........... Enjoy and Welcome to the World of Ty Plush!!!!

Lots of Beanie Hugs!!!

Peggy & Paula

Thanks to Stephanie (S2s2w@aol.com) for her help with the brown beanie bear!!!!



Left to Right: Baby Beanie Bear, Beanie Bunny, Hooters, 1991 Collector Bear, 1992 Collector Bear

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