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New Snap, Gray Meow, Old Ribbit, and Zulu

The pillow pals are a group of plush in the Ty line of products. They are the only Ty products that are recommended for children less than three. That is because nothing can be chewed, mangled or manipulated by little fingers and then removed. Often removable small parts become choking hazards for children less than three. In the pillow pals the eyes, noses and body parts can not be removed and there are no "beans" in the event little children get them opened. They are all listed as 15 inches and work perfect as a little pillow hence the name, "Pillow Pals". Everyone must remember that children less than 12 months should never have in their cribs anything like a pillow to use during sleep.

Anyway.....they are adorable and are in the crib of my two year old. Her pillow is the original Ribbit and has been loved to the limits. Chocolate, Bottles of juice etc etc but the nice thing about pillow pals is that you can just pop them in the washing machine and line dry them and they are as good as new.
Thick Striped Zulu

The line was first introduced in the 1995 catalogue. Ribbit and Snap have completely changed and have undergone style number changes as well. The original Ribbit sells for about 400.00 in mint condition and the original Snap has been sold for 400.00 in mint condition. Meow was introduced in the 1997 catalogue and in the Spring 97 flier had a color change from gray to tan. Zulu within the last months before retirement widened his pale pink and mint green stripes. Bruiser the bulldog appeared on Ty’s website in the fall of 97 and shortly after his arrival to retailer's shelves changed the shade of his ribbon. Snuggy and Huggy out of the clear "blue and pink" switched their ribbons. This actually occurred in the winter of 98, after thier retirement had been announced. Spotty shortly after release was found on shelves with a tag typo stating the name was "Sotty". This error was quickly corrected. Clover the white rabbit is shown in the 98 catalogue with blue eyes but when he first got to stores his eyes were black. They now are all found with the blue eyes of the catalogue.

Oldest Snap, Snap

The pillow pals make wonderful "moms" for their beanie counterparts. For instance Ba Ba looks like Fleece's mother, Moo like Daisy, Oink like Squealer, Old Ribbit like Legs, Speckles like Freckles, Squirt like light blue Peanut, Tubby like lavender Happy,
Gray Meow

Woof like Bones and Bruiser like Wrinkles. With the 98 releases, Doty got a mom named Spotty, Tabasco got his mom and she is named Red. Foxy is Sly's mom and Bongo or if you dare, Nana has a mom named Swinger.

The great thing about pillow pals is that you can find them and even if you’re desperate and purchase them at a show you shouldn’t ever have to pay much over 10.00 for them.

Pillow Pals as of spring 1998, with the addition of Sherbet and Paddles, acquired little prayers. After that release many Pillow Pals were redesigned with bright colors.

Some of the Pillow Pal Prayers:

Swinger: God thank you for the flowers and trees. And the animals we get to see.

Spotty: When I'm at work and when I'm at play, please God, be with me throughout the day.

Bruiser: When I am sick and connot play. Please God, be with me on that day.

Glide: Thank you for the earth, moon and sea. And thank you God, for making me.

Tubby: Thank you for all the animals, great and small. God made and loves them all.

Moo: God made the sky so high and blue. and all the critters, too.

Woof: A good friend is the best thing to be, God help me be one to those who need me.

Sherbet: Dear God, be with me as I start my day. Please watch over me during school and play.

Ribbit: God, please make by day a little light, To make the world a little bright.

Paddles: God thank you for the sun and sea, And all the things that are special to me.

Meow: As the day ends and turns to night. Thank you God, for each twinkling light.

Antlers: Thank you God, for all I see. As the sun shines down on me.

TOO CUTE!!!!!!

On 1-4-2000, Ty announced the new line: Baby Ty.

6 animals announced and surely more to follow!!!

3200 Bearbaby

3201 Frogbaby

3202 Lamybaby

3203 Monkeybaby

3204 Bunnybaby

3205 Dogbaby

Welcome Baby Ty!!!!!!!!!

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