What is a Beanie Baby®? Where did they come from? Who collects them? Why have they become so popular? Where do you get them? Why do collectors become obsessed with them?

Created and designed by a gentleman named H. Ty Warner. Mr. Warner is a former salesman with Dakin, a stuffed toy manufacturer. In 1986, he became President and began his own business entitled Ty, Incorporated®. The initial designs were of plush cats, named: Angel™, Ginger™, Peaches™, and Smokey™. He became very very successful in the toy industry. I was told by a toy designer that Ty, Inc.® was ranked 2nd in the industry of the plush line of animals prior to the 1993 introduction of his world famous Beanie Baby Collection®.

As of November, 1997 there were 78 current adorable, colorful under stuffed plush bean bag toys created to be affordable for children to purchase themselves!! Beanie Babies® have become the most sought after collectibles, consuming hours of effort in attainment, not only by children but also by captivated adults compelled to complete and keep up their own collections!!

The original 1993 nine Beanies® and their prices in November 1997, are: Chocolate™, the moose $5.00, Brownie™, the brown bear (The original Cubbie™) $1,000.00-$1,500.00, the most current Cubbie™ was $5.00, Flash™, the dolphin $50.00-$80.00, (The misspelled Fiash is selling for $300.00-$400.00) Legs™, the frog $35.00-$50.00, Patti™, the platypus (The original and color variations) $600.00-$900.00, the most current Patti™ was not retired then and was $5.00, Pinchers™, the lobster $5.00 (The misspelled Punchers was selling for $900.00-$1,200.00, Splash™, the black Orca whale, $50.00-$75.00, Spot™, the spotless dog, $1,500.00-$2,000.00, and Spot™ with the black spot $35.00-$50.00, and last but not least, Squealer™, the pink pig which was not retired then and was $5.00.

Although Beanies® are mass produced, they have become more popular and are very difficult of obtain!!! The Beanie® craze has encompassed the world! The Ty Company® announced that in November 1, 1997 retailers were only allowed to order the newly released Babies®!!! A very wise decision from the company! Many old and new collectors have never had the opportunity to even purchase the new released Beanies® for themselves and of course their children. The retail stores sold out immediately. Since then many releases and retirements have occurred. Beanies® continue to outsell all other toys and their popularity continues to grow.

Below you will find all the tag variations:

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Fourth generation swing tag, the 5th generation tag looks the same except their is a different font inside the tag.

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