Escrow by Peggy Gallagher, Inc.


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The service you have been requesting, by the leading expert in Beanie Baby® Authenticity is here. Rest assured, your transaction will go smoothly and safely. No risk sales in rapid turn around times.

What is an escrow service? You have made a purchase or made a sale via the internet and have reservations about shipping your product or your money to a total stranger. You do not know if you will be paid or if the item you have purchased is legitimate. The escrow service will be your security middle man. If the item purchased is not as stated. It will be returned to the seller and the buyer's money will also be returned to the buyer. The escrow service will hold the money and items for no more than 48 hours. Both the buyer and seller will be notified of the status of their transaction. In the event all is well the seller will receive their item from the escrow service via UPS with a tracking number. The item will also be insured if the parties wish to do so. The seller will be paid via the escrow service or via the buyer's certified check/money order which ever has been decided upon by the parties involved. Monies may also be wired into the escrow service's account to expedite the transaction. This is a very flexible service the terms are determined by the buyers and sellers and performed as requested by Peggy Gallagher's service.

Her reputation is impeccable. She has handled single transactions involving sums ranging from $5.00 to $50,000 a multitude of times over the course of four years without any problems.

Click here for a printable form

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