Economy Authentication Form    Please Print

Street Address:____________________________
Apt #:___________________________________
City_____________________________________ State____________________________________
Zip Code:________________________________
Daytime phone #_______________
Email Address:______________@_________
Beanie Baby name/s:  1.______________________
Price For 1 Beanie Baby:
  • $5.50 plus s and h  $6.75
  • Total:  $12.25 per item.

Price For 2 Beanie Babies:

  • $10.00 plus s and h of $7.00
  • Total  $17.00

Insurance Options

                  • $50.00     $3.00
                  • $100.00    $4.75
                  • $200.00    $5.75
                  • $500.00    $10.75
                  • $700.00    $12.75

Authentication Fee   $_________  Insurance Amount $____________  yes or no

Delivery Confirmation   $.______   yes or no        Shipping  $________

Total Amount enclosed  $___________  paypal payment (circle)   yes or no

The economy authentic Beanie Baby will be returned with a small numbered 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 certificate of Authenticity in a clear sealed zip lock baggie with an "Authentic" sticker.

The counterfeit Beanie will be returned in a clear sealed zip lock baggie with a counterfeit sticker.

You will be emailed the return shipping date and whether or not the Beanie is authentic or counterfeit with details about why it is a counterfeit.

Please sign and date this form to confirm that you have read and understand the above statements

_______________________________________________________ Date:__________

Send To: Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc.
80 Burr Ridge Parkway, Suite 123
Burr Ridge, IL 60527


  • Please make checks and money orders payable to: Peggy Gallagher  We also accept payment via  Our paypal email user name is
  • While every precaution has been taken, neither Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc., nor Ty Inc. shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect of monies directly influenced by the information provided with this service.
  • In the event the Item sent in is not authentic, the sender is still responsible for paying the authenticity fee.
  • Peggy Gallagher, and Peggy Gallagher Enterprises can NOT and will NOT become involved in any disputes between sellers and buyers.
  • This service only involves rendering an opinion as to whether the Item is authentic or not.
  • Please ship Beanie/s to be authenticated in zip lock bags with tag protectors. Please do not send them in plastic cases.
  • If you do not understand this or any other statements please email Peggy Gallagher Enterprises before sending your Item(s).
  • Peggy Gallagher Enterprises, Inc. is not endorsed or affiliated with the Ty Company.
  • REMEMBER: Most people selling counterfeit Items have no idea that their Item is not authentic.

    Click here for the  Platinum Authentication Form

    The package will be usps mail within the USA.