Attic Treasures/Ty Collectibles are a separate line of jointed plush animals. They include teddy bears, cats, dogs, frogs, monkeys and mice. As the original name, Attic Treasures, suggests they are what you would imagine an antique plush animal would have looked like at the turn of the century.

They were first introduced in the 1993 catalogue as Attic Treasures and later the name of the entire collection was changed to Ty Collectibles. In the beginning, none of them had clothes and did not develop a "wardrobe" until midyear of 96. Some pieces never made in into the fashion world, namely, Squeaky, Prince,
A Wooly Gold Convention
Cody, Ivan and of course Reggie, Woolie, Clifford because these "guys" were retired prior to the addition of clothes.

There are some typographical errors on the tags. Poor Wee Willie had his name mangled and some 2nd generation Attics are referred to as part of the Beanie Baby Collection.
Reggie, Dexter, Reggie and Dexter in conference.

From the list you can see the retirement years. The rare ones are the ones which retired early. The rarest and most elusive is Woolie Brown. I’ve never seen one except in the 93 catalogue and at Ty's store at O'Hare Airport. I have never heard of anyone that has actually found him at a regular retail store or on the secondary market. Woolie Gold is beautiful. He is a little teddy bear actually made out of 100% wool, hence his name. He reminds me of a little artist bear. Reggie is tough to find but he is still out there. One exception to the early retirement and rarity of the piece is Barry. He was introduced mid 1997 and retired before he actually hit the shelves in stores. Therefore he is not even in a catalogue. He is out there but is pretty difficult to find.

There are other variations to the mice and cats in addition to what we have listed. There are additional tail and ear color differences. We will work on a complete list of those variations. In the meantime, jump into the past and enjoy "hunting" the Attic Treasures and Ty Collectibles. Be careful when purchasing the newest Ty Collectibles. There tags are now beige paper and bend very easily not like the older tags which were quite similar to tags found on beanies.

Wooly Brown Tag on Whiskers picture of brown Wooly tag

1st Attic Treasures Tag

1st gen Attic Treasures tag back of 1st gen tag
1st tag, is single sided exactly like the 1st generation beanie baby tags Pictured is the back of the 1st tag found on Attics.

2nd Attic Treasures Tag

front and back of 2nd gen tag inside of 2nd gen tag
2nd tag, the front and back. It too is exactly like it's 2nd generation beanie counter part The inside of the 2nd Attic Treasures tag

3rd Generation Attic Treasures/Ty Collectible Tags

front of 3A generation tag 3B Generation tag
inside of the 3A gen tag inside of tag 3B
The 3rd tag, is exactly like a third generation beanie baby tag. At this point, they are still called Attic Treasures. The 4th tag, appeared with some changes. Notice the green banner on the right side of the heart and notice the name has changed to Ty Collectibles.

On 9-30-98, with the release of another set on new Attic Treasures, another tag type was released. Ty went back to the 3rd tag style, which is actually the 7th tag type in total. This tag is exactly like the 3rd tag, however the inside exhibits the new font, no style number is exhibited on the inside of the tag and little "sayings" are included. The style number of the piece can be found on the back of the tag as the last four digits displayed above the bar code.

With the release of the new heart swing tags appeared little sayings within the tags. They are as follows:

Alfalfa: "Let Them Eat Crow!"

Allura: "Sunny Days Are Here Again!"

Amore: "With All My Heart!"

Armstrong: "Add A Tuppence In My Shoe!"

Azalea: "Hare Today-Gone Tomorrow!"

Azure: "I'm Blue Without You!"

Beezee: "You BEE-long to Me!"

Berkley: "Love Is The Answer!"

Beverly: "You Have Me In A Whirlwind!"

Birch: "Growing Old Gracefully!"

Blarney: "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!"

Bluebeary: "Something Old, Something New...!"

Blush: "You Make Me Blush!"

Breezy: "Ahoy Mate!"

Brisbane: "G-Day Mate!"

Bugsy: "Always a Lady!"

Camelia: "Always in Bloom!"

Cawley: "How Does Your Garden Grow!"

Checkers: "King Me!"

Clay: "Leave It To Me!"

Cody: "You're As Sweet As Honey!"

Cooper: "Take Me Out To The Ballgame!"

Cromwell: "The Mice Will Play!"

Darlene: "Your Heart Be Glad Forever!"

Esmerelda: "That Old Black Magic!"

Eve: "You're The Apple Of My Eye!"

Fairbanks: "Land of the Midnight Sun!"

Fairchild: "While The Cat's Away...!"

Gem: "Let It Snow!"

Gordon: "Into Each Life A Little Rain Must Fall!"

Grant: "Let Freedom Ring!"

Greyson: "Behind Every Cloud Is A Silver Lining!"

Gwyndolyn: "All That Glitters!"

Hogan: "No Worries!"

Isabella: "Puttin' On The Ritz!"

Ivan: "Grin And Bear It!"

Jangle: "Jingle All The Way!"

Katrina: "Feline Fine!"

Laurel: "Happy Holly Days!"

Lawrence: "I Won't Leave You High And Dry!"

MacKenzie: "Strong and Free- Patriot of the North!"

Malcolm: "March to a Different Drum!"

May: "Bring May Flowers!"

Mulligan: "Here Birdie Birdie Birdie...!"

Orion: "You're My Universe!"

Peppermint: "Love Me True!"

Peter: "Trick Or Treat!"

Piccadilly: "Laughter Is The Best Medicine!"

Pouncer: "Smiles Are Contagious!"

Purrcy: "You're The Cat's Meow!"

Radcliffe: "Thief of Hearts!"

River: "Go With The Flow"

Rosalie: "A Rose By Any Other Name!"

Rosalyne: "Everything Is Coming Up Roses!"

Salty: "Anchors Away!"

Samuel: "I WANT YOU!"

Sara: "Spring Is In The Air!"

Scarlet: "You're Mauve-alous!"

Scruffy: "Every Dog Has Its Day!"

Sterling: "May All Your Wishes Come True!"

Susannah: "You Are My Sunshine!"

Tyronne: "Your'e One Class Act!"

Whiskers: "You're Purr-fect!"

William: "Dressed for Success!"

As we get more of the Attics with the sayings we will list them!

5th and 6th Ty Collectibles Tags:

"The Paper Tags"

4A generation tag 4B tag front and back
inside of 4A tag inside of 4B tag
The 5th and 6th tags are the same except they have different the fonts. The 5th tag itself underwent drastic changes and become more paper like and beige in color with burgundy color ink. This is an example of the 5th Ty Collectible Tag. The 6th tag has a different font. Much like the font appearing on the beanies available now (1998). Otherwise the tag is identical. Notice the name remains Ty Collectibles.
Interestingly enough, when I received my first Piccadilly and Samuel shortly after their release, I was surprised to see the tags did not change right away and remained the 6th tags. They were not called Samuel and Piccadilly at first either, but they were called Lg. Bear and Sm. Bear respectively. The Samuel's and Piccadilly's now appearing on retailer's shelves have their names printed correctly in the swing tags. Since the 10/98, Piccadilly has been appearing on retailer's shelves with the current tags, as well as all the other current Attics.

Tyra's Tag

Tyra: The Retired Attic Treasure

Tyra Standing

Truly A Ty Treasure!!!

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