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Ty's Official Trading Card Guide

Offical Card Book

$1.8 Million to Princess Diana Fund

Ty Inc.'s executive VP and CFO, Michael W. Kanzler, will present a check for $1,802,250.27 to the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund in London on October 26th. Since 1998, Ty Inc. has donated over $20,890,858.51 to the fund. All of Ty Inc.'s profits from the original purchase of the Princess Beanie Baby and Princess Beanie Buddy are donated to the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to carry on the work of the late Princess Diana.

The popular Princess Beanie Baby was launched on 10-29-97 and retired on 4-13-99, however Beanie Collectors are still excited when they come across one. Ty Inc. launched the larger plush toy Princess Beanie Buddy in April of 1999. Charities with which Diana was formally associated have received grants to help and support those organizations. Mr. Kanzler will travel to London in late October to visit the Fund and the Osteopathic Centre for Children's Hospital, one of late Princess' charities and see first hand some of the benefits of the company's contributions.

There are 475 Billionaire 2 Bears


Mattel and Hasbro can take a back seat.

We did it again and it was fun.

In the toy biz we are #1."

Billionaire Bear #2

Billionaire Bear Three is a Beauty!


August 23, 1998

Mary Beth's Beanie World Magazine's 1st Anniversary Show

Beanie Worlds Show picture

Beanie World's Show Lauren, Beaniemom and Maggietoy
The calm before the storm: The Beanie World Show at "set up time" A few minutes later wall to wall people. Lauren Pickens, Beaniemom and Maggietoy (Kathy Anderson) all staff writers for Beanie World Magazine.

Woolie Brown Exists!!!!!!

A Perfect Woolie Brown was auctioned

from Ty Trade September 2000.

This is "Ty-rrific" News

At O'Hare Airport at Ty's Store on display along with prototypes on display and many many current beanies, plush attics and pillow pals for sale at retail prices. 

Terminal 3 Parking Lot C

Ty's Store at O'Hare Airport

Ty-rrific for W.H. Smith...Chicago

{short description of image}

There he is in front, next to Woolie Gold, Woolie Brown. Notice the beanie bears as well as Baron and prototype Cinnamon.

Beanie prototypes from Ty's store

You have to go there to believe what you see! Yellow Lucky, white Erin and Britannia, TD Smoochy, neon lions, Bongos and Rovers. There is a brown Strut and a green Lizzy. There is also some pretty wild Hissy's.

It is not hard to see them. Parking is easy. The store is almost at the last entrance to terminal three where the elevator comes up from the tunnel coming from parking lot "C". It is worth a trip to O'Hare.


On November 25, 1997 Beanie Fest '97 was held in Chicago. The compellation of Beanie Baby Expertise was AWESOME!!! Below you will find some pictures of this Historic event.

Pictured here in the back row, starting form the left are: Vicky Krupka, Lemon Lainey (Elaine), Peggy, Beaniemom (Sara), Paula, and Maggie Toy (Kathy). And on the bottom starting from the left are: Maureen (Maggie's Toybox), and Sue (Antiques & More).
Here are some of the late comers :0). Starting with the top row left are: Beaniemom, Paula, Peggy, Myrtle, MaryBeth (Mary Beth's Beanie World), and Jackie. And sitting in front is Lemon Lainey .
Here's Paula and Peggy!!!!!
Here's Peggy, Claudia, and Paula!
And last but certainly not least here's Lemon Lainey, Beaniemom, and Lemon Lainey's husband Kevin.

Semiannual Midwest Collectibles Fest XIII

We were both at this show on October 18, 1997, where this collectibles show was taken over by Beanie Babies!!! You can only imagine a huge convention hall with table after table of these adorable little critters, It was AWESOME!!!!!

Among all these sweet little critters, were many of our friends, you will see their pictures below.

From left to right: Paula, Karen, & Peggy

Peggy, Paula, & Myrtle

Peggy, Paula, & Sandy

Kathy, Peggy, Paula, & Claudia

Peggy, Paula, & Jackie

Peggy, Beaniemom, & Paula:



Front: Lana
Back : Richard, Peggy, & Paula

Stay tuned to this page for Beanie Happenings!!!!

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