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Billionaire 3 Bear™ is released to Ty® Employees September 2000

Don't you wish you worked there!!!!!!

Thanks to Sam Mauldin for the photos!


September 29, 2000 Retirement:  

Maple™ and Groovy™ Buddies® Retire

Introduced on September 27, 2000 

Holiday 2000™ Beanie®, Hallo II™ Buddy®, Roxie™ the reindeer Beanie®, Santa the Buddy®, Snowgirl™ the Beanie®, and Wallace™ the Buddy®

Introduced on September 22, 2000  

Beanie Kids'® Clothes "Ty Gear"® 

September 7, 2000 Retirement

 Large Peace™ Buddy® 

Introduced August 31, 2000

 Attics®: Max™, Basil™, Greyson™, Birch™, Alfalfa™, Merwyn™, North™ and Klaus™

Introduced August 31, 2000:

 Ty Classics® Announced: Flecks™, Penny™, Jeeves™, Skootch™, Pearl™, Blossom™, Rags™, Flopper™, and Max™

August 30, 2000 Retirement: 

 Steg™ Buddy® 

Introduced August 24, 2000:  

Zodiac Beanies® , Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat and Ox

August 23, 2000Retirement:  

Berkley™ Retires

Introduced August 22, 2000:  

Beanies® :  Lurkey™, Whiskers™, Oats™, Buzzy™, Tricks™, China™, Huggy™, Bananas™, Pellet™, Slayer™, Aruba™, Prince™, and Howl™

August 11, 2000 Retirement:  

Chipper™ Beanie Kid® 

August 10, 2000 Retirement:  

Curly™ Beanie Kid® 

July 26, 2000 Retirement: 

Large Fuzz™ 

July 18, 2000 Retirement:  

Eucalyptus™ Buddy® 

July 14, 2000 Retirement:  Fleecie™

June 23, 2000 Retirement: Peace™ Buddy® , Patches™ the Plush 

Spangle™ and Kicks™ Buddies® retired on 6-15-00

Dragon™, Goochie™, and Lucky™ Buddies® retired 6-13-00

Halo™ and Valentino™ Buddies® retired 6-8-00

Slither™ and Weenie™ Buddies® retired 5-26-00

Britannia™ the exclusive UK Buddy® retired 5-24-00

31 Attic Treasures® retire on 5-22-00

Azure™, Brisbane™, Breezy™, Bearkheart™, Beargundy™, Cawley™, Cody™, Cheri™, Eve™, Fairbanks™, Georgia™, Georgette™, Gwendolyn™, Heartly™, Isabella™, Katrina™, Malcolm™, Orion™, Picadilly™, Pouncer™, Purrcy™, Rafaella™, Ramsey™, Radcliffe™, Rosalie™, Salty™, Samuel™, Susannah™, Tyronne™, Waddleworth™, and William™!

Ty® Plush Retirement 5-22-00:

Al E. Kat Gold™, Spice™, Boots™, George™, Paws™ (black and white), Baby Paws™ (sable and black), Dakota™, Spout™, Yappy™, Corky™, Sparkles™, and Large Paws™ white.

Ty Baby® Retirement 5-22-00:  Monkeybaby™

Amber™ and Silver™ Buddies® retired 5-19-00

Speedy™ and Lizzy™ Buddies® retired 5-9-00

Checkers™ and Lawrence™, The Attic Treasures® retired 5-3-00

Bonnie™ and Azalea™ The Attic Treasures® retired 4-28-00

Large Hippie™ the Buddy® retired 4-24-00

Fuzz™ the Buddy® retired 4-12-00

Princess™ the Buddy retired 4-10-99

Bronty™ the Buddy® retired 4-6-00

Flippity™ the blue Bunny Buddy® retired 4-5-00

Hippie™ the Ty®-dyed Bunny Buddy® retired 4-4-00

2000 Signature™ Buddy® retired 4-3-00


clubby bear kit clubby bear kit


On 6-25-99, The National Association Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) voted Ty #1

Ty® wins 1st place for Collectible of the year award, two years in a row for his Beanie Babies®! Ty® also wins plush category for his Princess™ Beanie Buddy®.

Are we really surprised?



The No. 1 Teddy™

At the December 1998, meeting for the Ty® reps they received a very special Teddy. This will be a must for the sophisticated collector. It is also hand signed by Ty and is numbered. There are a total of 253.

Rep. Bear

April 1999 New Releases

PECAN™, the gold bear, EUCALYPTUS™, the koala, NEON™, the seahorse

SCHWEETHEART™, the orangutan, PAUL™, the walrus, KNUCKLES™, the pig

SWIRLY™, the snail, TIPTOE™, the mouse, CHEEKS™, the baboon

OSITO™, the Mexican Bear, ALMOND™, the beige bear, AMBER™, the gold tabby

SILVER™, the grey tabby, WISER™, the owl, and  SPANGLE, the American Teddy

Attic Treasures®: Rafaella™, William™, Allura™, Susannah™, Brisbane™, Azure™, Breezy™, Fairbanks™, Lawrence™, Malcolm™, Rosalie™, Salty™, and Catrina™

Beanie Buddies®: Fuzz™, Millennium™, Jabber™, Hope™ and Princess™

April and May 1999 Retirements:

Princess™ retired 4/13/99

Bluebeary, Sara™, Strawbunny and Scruffy retired 5/11/99

5/18/99 Mystic™ retired

5/21/99 Erin™, the Beanie Baby® retired

5/24/99 Camelia™ and Sterling™ retired

5/26/99 Derby™ retired

5/31/99 Stilts™ retired

The 9-30-98 Beanie® Releases Poem and Birthdays

Beak™ the Kiwi

Born 2-3-98

Isn't this just the funniest bird?

When we saw her, we said "how absurd"

Looks aren't everything, this we know

Her love for you, she's sure to show!

Canyon™ the mountain lion

Born 5-29-98

I climb the rocks and run really fast

Try to catch me, it's a blast

Through the mountains, I used to roam

Now in your room, I'll call it home!

Halo™ the angel

Born 8-31-98

When you sleep, I'm always here

Don't be afraid, I am near

Watching over you with lots of love

Your guardian angel from up above!

Loosy™ the goose

Born 3-29-98

A tale has been told

Of a goose that laid gold

But try as she might

Loosy's eggs are just white!

Pumkin™ the pumpkin

Born 10-31-98

Ghosts and goblins are out tonight

Witches try hard to cause fright

This little pumpkin is very sweet

He only wants to trick or treat!

Roam™ the buffalo

Born 9-27-98

Once roaming wild on the American land

Tall and strong, wooly and grand

So rare and special is this guy

Find him quickly, he's quite a buy!

Santa™ the jolly elf

Born 12-6-98

Known by all in his suit of red

Piles of presents on his sled

Generous and giving, he birngs us joy

Peace and love, plus this special toy!

Scorch™ the dragon

Born 7-31-98

A magical mystery with glowing wings

Made by wizards and other things

Known to breathe fire with lots of smoke

Scorch is really a friendly ol' bloke!

1998 Holiday Teddy™

Born 12-25-98

Dressed in his PJ's, and ready for bed

Hugs given, good nights said

This little Beanie will stay close at night

Ready for a hug at first morning light!

Zero™ the penguin

Born 1-2-98

Penguins love the ice and snow

Playing in weather twenty below

Antarctica is where I love to be

Splashing in the cold, cold sea!

The January 1998 Releases

January 1998 New Releases The 1998 Ty® catalog has Rainbow™ tagged as the multi-colored tie-dye Beanie® with the felt plate on his back. Iggy™ is tagged as the blue Beanie® that shares Bronty™'s fabric.

Ty®'s 1997 Christmas Card

Ty's 1997 Christmas Card Cover Ty's 1997 Christmas Card Inside

Special Thanks to Valerie Riggio for the card!

January 1st 1998 Retired and New Beanies®

Snowball™, 97 Teddy™, Spooky™, Bucky™, Cubbie™, Goldie™, blue Lizzy™ Magic™, Nip,™
Derby™, no star
1/1/98 Releases:
Britannia™ the bear (Ty Europe® exclusive), Stretch™ the ostrich, Spunky™ the cocker spaniel,  Smoochy™ the frog, Bruno™ the terrier, Hissy™ the snake, Iggy™ the iguana, Pounce™ the cat, Prance™ the cat, Puffer™ the puffin,
Rainbow™ the chameleon, and Derby™ with the white star

Plush 1997 Holiday Bear

Ragtime Curly™

Here they are Navy Blue, Burgundy, and Light Beige ribbons!!!

This set of promotional "Ragtime" Curly™ Bears were available in 1997 and 1998.

Teenie Beanie® Media Kit!

The McDonald's Teenie Beanie® 1997 Media Kit !!!!!!!!!! This box is colorful and made of sturdy cardboard with compartments for each Teenie Beanie®!!!!
The editor of Mary Beth's BEANIE® WORLD Magazine ha the median market price listed for $600.00 ! Mine is not for sale! It is adorable!!!

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