Ty Baby

The Baby Ty® line was first announced in January of 2000. As the name suggests they are fashioned for the littlest collector. They are plump and soft like a pillow. They are safe for the littlest babies. Once the swing tag is removed there is nothing that can be removed by little fingers and mouths. Their colors are soft almost pastel like. They seem right at home in any child's crib and best of pals to any toddler. They rank very high on the cute and cuddly scale so also expect to see them as a big hit amoung older children and also the poor obcessed adult collectors as well. The first to be announced are: Bearbaby™, Bunnybaby™, Dogbaby™, Frogbaby™, Lamybaby™, and Monkeybaby™. If you had a late start on the Beanies™, Attics® or any of the other lines of Ty's® products, here's your chance to start at the beginning. With the first orders, each retailer was allowed only four of each style. As a result, in the beginning they were a but hard to find but now they are readily available.  Monkeybaby™ is retired and is getting harder to find.  They are affordable at 10.00.  Now is the time to try to find all nine of them. Enjoy Baby Ty®!!!!!!



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