"The Red Ty Heart Tags"

I was at a Beanie Show in Bristol, Indiana and a very enthusiastic new collector was so excited to show me her dark blue Peanut. The problem was not with her Beanie but the very rare Peanut was wearing the fourth generation (POEM TAG)!!!! This is the tag with the star on it and reads "Original Beanie Baby". I asked her where she purchased the adorable dark blue Peanut and she said she bought him from a show in Wisconsin. I was afraid to ask her what she paid for him. This lovely lady paid $1,400 for him. I was so devastated because of the tremendous amount of money. The dark blue Peanut only wears the third generation Ty Tag. If she had told me she paid $400-$500 for him, I would not have felt so bad. In November of 1997, Peanut the infamous Dark Blue Elephant is being sold for a whopping $2,500.00. At the present time Peanut is the most expensive Beanie!!!!!

The serious problem is people are adding current tags to retired Beanies and taking advantage of new Beanie Collectors. There is nothing wrong with buying or selling Beanies without tags but the price decreases dramatically. It is happening with Spot the spotless Dog, Digger the orange Crab, Quackers the wingless Duck, Zip the all black Cat, Nip the all gold Cat, Inky the tan Octopus, Lizzy the tye dyed Lizard, Lucky (7 spotted) Ladybug, Stripes the dark Tiger, Tank the 7 row Armadillo, Happy the grey Hippo, and Patti (maroon) Platypus. Some of these older Beanies did come with several different generation tags, however, none of the above ever had the poem tag or the fourth generation Ty tags!! The only Beanie that was retired prior to June of 1996 (when the Ty Company changed the tags to include birth dates and poems) was Bumble the Bee and he snuck out with the new fourth generation Ty tag. Before spending the big bucks on these very rare Beanies, ask about these tags!!!! You will save yourself a lot of money because the tags are not correct. The top dollar mint Beanies also means the tags are the proper tags!!

Libearty was the first Beanie to be released with the fourth generation Ty tag. Several tags did have the web site covered with a white strip hiding the web site address!! The Ty Company did not have their site ready so if you have any Beanies that were distributed in June of 1996, the little white paper is correct, so don't try peeling it off!! Also some of the Beanies' tags don't even say "visit our web page"!!! As Collectors, you all know any Beanie with the fourth Ty tag with the web site covered up was distributed in June of 1996. It is a neat way to know the distribution time frame of these little darlings.

As always, Happy Beanie Hunting and Collecting!! Watch out for the tags on these rare and expensive Babies!!

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